Something smelly about Lerena’s opponent

Sneaky work by Roman Golovashchenko’s corner may have saved him from being knocked out against Kevin Lerena on Saturday night.

The IBO champion dropped the Ukrainian in the fifth round, but the challenger came roaring back to win the sixth. Now we know why.

This video indicates that one of the seconds in Golovashchenko’s corner applied smelling salts between the fifth and sixth rounds; a clear contravention.

Most states and countries ban the use of smelling salts, as does the IBO, under whose auspices the fight took place.

Its rule is unequivocal: “The administration or use of drugs, injections or stimulants, either before or during a match, to any boxer or by any boxer, is prohibited. This includes smelling salts, ammonia capsules or similar irritants.”

Given that Golovashchenko lost a decision, Golden Gloves won’t press for an investigation, but promoter Rodney Berman felt it prudent to point out the mischief.

Lerena was less diplomatic. “Look at those cheats after I hurt and dropped him,” he messaged Berman. “CHEATS”.