All square as Konkco cuts it fine

Simpiwe Konkco kept his IBO minimumweight title by the skin of his teeth yesterday, his fight with Joey Canoy ending in a no-contest in East London.

The South African survived a trial of fire – he was heavily dumped with a short right hook in the second round – and then came off second best when the pair accidentally bumped heads in the fourth round.

With blood pouring profusely from a big gash in the top of Konkco’s head, the doctor inspected the injury and informed referee Allen Matakane of its severity.

Had the fight gone into the fifth round, the result would have gone down to the judges’ scorecards, as per IBO rules, but the earlier conclusion threw up the no-contest verdict. This might well have been fortunate for Konkco given the dramatic second round that cost him.

Poor Canoy. Unaware of the rules, he danced in wild celebration until he was told to pipe down and listen to the ruling.

A relieved Konkco acknowledged that he had been in a tough fight. “I had to box his nose off from range, but in round two, I got caught.”

Trainer Colin Nathan was disappointed by the ending. “We were robbed of a great fight, but Canoy leads with his head – as he did against Hekkie Budler – so I’m not surprised.”

Given the unfortunate conclusion, a rematch seems the way to go, an idea Konkco was happy to endorse in the aftermath.