Golden Gloves signs former amateur champion.


Another great addition to Golden Gloves’ stable, his debut on our May tournament is eagerly awaited.

Aidan is surely one of the most qualified academics to enter the professional rankings, a Michaelhouse Old Boy completing his final year in Accountancy.

With an amateur record reflecting only one loss, this young man can fight, and we welcome him into our stable of young fighters!

‘Battle Stations’ 24th February 2019 – Show of Note!

“Battle Stations” not only lived up to its promise of “evenly matched, all-action fights” it also justified our faith in our outstanding young talent.

“Battle Stations” was just a sample of what fans can expect on your Channel of Champions at the Palace of Dreams!

Ricardo Malajika, although still adjusting to the professional code, showed glimpses of his outstanding talent- and a brilliant future awaits him.

In the Junior Middleweight Division, two outstanding prospects stamped their authority, but kudos to the losers too,  who were certainly not disgraced and can hold their heads high.

What can one say about Marios Matamba?  Shades of the late Charlie Weir and the great GGG -and what power, what excitement he brings to the ring.

Jabulani Makhense displayed an incredible maturity – totally outboxing the current South African Champion Xolani Mcotheli -bearing in mind that Makhense has only 7 professional fights to his name, what exciting mouth-watering fights weigh ahead in this Division!

Rowan Campbell, with no amateur experience and brilliantly honed by Peter Smith, is now the Pan African and South African Champion after only 8 fights!  Super fit, with the heart of a lion he improves rapidly with each fight and whilst the jury is still out on how far he can go, he continues to confound the pundits.

Next up is “No Mercy” on 16 March, showcasing more of our outstanding young talent on the undercard.



Feast awaits Fans

“Battle stations “on the 24th Feb & “No Mercy” on March 16th will see the passing of the baton to  our incredible  new young prospects  First up ,“ Battle Stations” sees the eagerly awaited  Gauteng debut of Mari0s Matamba ,the next KO king ,in a clash against Clement Kamanga for the IBF Africa title, whilst  our other hot junior  welterweight prospect Jabulani Makhense, in his 7th pro fight, vies for the Pan African Title against reigning SA champ Xolani Mcotheli. Mouth watering times await fans in the junior welterweight division !!

Add in SA champ Rowan Campbell ( for the IBO Africa title) & the brilliant Ricardo Malajica & a veritable boxing feast awaits fans.

Venue: Palace of Dreams. Starting time: 14.00  Live on your channel of champions


Peter ‘Sniper’ Smith – trainer of note!

Recognizing Peter Smith’s accomplishment – Two fighters with non existent amateur experience, & under Peter both champions in their own right .

Kevin Lerena

IBO champion in his 19th professional bout!! Put into perspective, what an incredible feat &  moreover he is now recognized globally as one of the leading cruiserweight’s in the world. Rowan Campbell another with no amateur background & SA champ in his 7th pro fight .Going from strength to strength with each fight & rapidly gaining recognition as a serious prospect among the super middleweight’s. Keaton Gomes – Kept under wraps,until Peter was satisfied that he could fight professionally, Peter is  honing him into the perfect fighting machine. Keaton  is now earmarked for a youth title in May, in only his 6th pro fight. Take a bow Peter Smith!!

Boyd Allen “Ranked”

Boyd Allen’s transition from mma to boxing has been nothing less than spectacular .

We  were  all aware of his dedication ,but ,even though  already in his late twenties , accepted that  his progress in  the new code would   require “ baby steps” & take time.

Well ,this  has not  been the case !! The maturity & boxing skills displayed   after only only two
Fights ,sees him vying for the pan african junior middleweight title on March 16 , and we at ggl,s are confident that much bigger titles & recognition await him . Exciting times await this young man

24 February “Battle Stations”

Our inaugural tournament of 2019 featuring our exciting young stable in mouth-watering encounters, namely

Ricardo Malijika

Marios Makamba

Jabulani Makhense

Rowan Campbell

At the Palace of Dreams, and live on your Channel of Champions.  Action from 2pm.  Don’t miss it!


Extract Of IBO Finding On Kevin Lerena

Further testimony from Mr. Lerena clearly showed that he clearly cooperative with VADA by advising them that he had returned from holiday and was available at any time for testing. All the evidence was also provided to the IBO medical advisor for his review and opinion. Based upon all the evidence, the IBO Championships Committee concluded that the ingestion of this prohibited substance was clearly accidental and nothing more than a mistaken taking of a tablet prescribed for his wife. The Committee concluded that it would be far-fetched to believe that Mr. Lerena somehow colluded with his wife to be treated by her physician and somehow have the physician prescribe a medication intended for use by Mr. Lerena instead of his wife. The Committee also noted that the ingestion of this medication would have been clearly counterproductive to the instructions by his doctor for his rehabilitation and recovery process. Therefore, based upon a thorough examination of the substantial exculpatory evidence, it was concluded that his ingestion of this prohibited substance was clearly accidental and therefore the Champion shall retain his IBO World title.